Aloo Tikki | Spice-Stuffed Potato Patties

One of the most wonderful tastes on this planet is the tangy spice, chilli and tamarind mix of Indian street food. It is glorious, addictive, and quite mind blowing. The flavours have a party in your mouth. No, truly! If you are doubting me, head off to your nearest good Indian restaurant and try Pani Puri, or Samosa Chaat – any chaat for that matter – and even Rasam will give you a sample of the hot and sour tastes that make up Indian food.

This recipe takes the notion of the hot, sour, salty and sweet flavour mix and stuffs it inside a potato cake made from mashed potatoes. It mimics the Aloo Tika and Potato Cutlet snacks of India, Podimas recipes of South India, and more recently I saw a fabulous BALL of mashed potato full of North Indian street-food flavours.

This is a recipe from Ottolenghi’s Plenty More – we are making our way through this book, cooking as we go.  I always feel free to play with his recipes to suit our tastes, and the ingredients in our pantry, kitchen and garden (especially now that I have made so many of them). I made minor alterations to this one. If you want to see the original recipe check out his books and his Guardian column.

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