A Plate of Cauliflower | Simplicity Itself

This must be simplicity personified in the kitchen

Towards the end of the day, after yoga, I picked up a very large cauliflower very cheaply. It turned out that we didn’t need a lot for dinner, so the cauliflower became one of the features of our meal with some crusty bread, a few hot cannellini beans and a salad.

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A Indian-Rasam Style Spicy Tomato and Dal Soup

Ingredients from the freezer – Lunch is prepared in 15 minutes.

Every county has the concept of fusion cooking. Close to country borders, techniques, ingredients and dishes from neighbouring countries are adopted. Food fashion makes dishes from a different country popular and elements of their cuisine are adopted nationally. A great example is the initial influx of Chinese style food into Australia. No-one from China would have recognised the popular Chinese food – it was a fusion of Chinese techniques and tastes adapted for Australian preferences. The story repeats for the introduction of Italian, Greek, SE Asian, Vietnamese etc food, and the same process is repeated around the world. The food is always adapted for the strong preferences of the local population.

In this household we have tastebuds attuned at least a little to Italian, French and South East Asian flavours, not to mention the Australian preferences for flavour combinations. So sometimes I play with my beloved Indian flavours to create a dish close to but just not quite traditionally Indian.

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Overnight Oats for Amazing Breakfasts

My predilection for pre-paring and pre-cooked prep took a new turn when I was introduced to Overnight Oats – oats that require no cooking but are simply soaked overnight for an instant morning breakfast. Firstly, it really does make a magnificent breakfast, so tasty. Then it is extraordinarily healthy. And most of all, it is quick and easy. Do what I do and take it to work for lunch sometimes too.

Although you can put the ingredients together for individual serves, it is more convenient to make a month’s worth of oats mixture at a time. About once per month, I take 15 – 20 medium jars, and prepare the  mixture. The jars line up on my bench, waiting patiently for their ingredients one by one. Then they go into the pantry cupboard.

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How to Grow Mung Bean Sprouts for Sundals, Snacks, Lunches

Get ready for the week.

It is easy to sprout Mung Beans and other beans and lentils. With a weekly rhythm, you can alway have fresh sprouts in the kitchen.

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How to make Crispy Garlic, Crispy Sage and Crispy Curry Leaves

Crispy herbs and garlic are good to strew over all kinds of dishes.

Use crispy garlic to top vegetables, soups and mashes. It adds texture, flavour and another dimension to dishes. Sage and Curry Leaves likewise.

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Spiced, Honey Roasted Carrots

These beauties can be placed into salads, on top of soups, eaten as a side dish, snacked on at mid afternoon.

Carrots have been featured at our place lately. Those crunchy orangey happy things go well in juices, in soups, vegetable braises and in salads. They love being boiled, steamed or stirfried, roasted, baked or blasted. Maybe even fried. Definitely dehydrated. They can stand on their own or be part of a flavour base. They can be spiced, glazed, covered in sauce, mashed, chopped fine, grated, sliced into rings. No matter what, they make magic happen.

Today, a recipe for honey roasted carrots. These beauties can be placed into salads, on top of soups, eaten as a side dish, snacked on at mid afternoon. You are going to love them. The inspiration comes from Community, a book from Arthur Street Kitchen.

This is a great dish for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate that US festival. Other Thanksgiving recipes are here.

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