Coconut Sticky Black Rice Pudding

I was fortunate to have holidays in Bali before it became a tourist nightmare. Back in the days when the culture was still strong and visible and the rowdy tourists were fewer and stuck to the beaches. Back in the days when it was possible to see forbidden villages, inner sanctums of temples, people making tofu and tempeh in their back yards and to come across beautiful cultural performances without tourists.

Also to come across a range of ingredients and cooking techniques that were at the time fairly unknown outside of Indonesia. Amongst those was the afternoon servings of locally made sweet items including a coconut black rice dish (Bubu Injin).

I tried to bring some local black rice back with me, but of course it was not permitted by customs. Luckily, glutinous rices are now available from Asian shops, as are pandan leaves and palm sugar.

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Warm Rice Pudding with Orange Star Anise Sauce and Walnuts

Rice pudding never goes astray in cooler weather, and indeed I judge the start of the cold months by my impulsion to make one. Late in the Winter too, when the oranges are ripe and juicy, it is delicious with an orange sauce drizzled over the top. Today we make a buttery Orange Sauce with Walnuts. It is a pudding that is at its best when eaten warm to hot.

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Two Rice Puddings

Who does not like a Rice Pud? There is something so comforting about them. Each year I usually bake my first one in late Autumn as cold weather sets in. I know that I have accepted the arrival of winter as soon as the first Rice Pudding is in the oven.

Rice pudding is such a traditional dish, born from Mother’s, Grandmothers’  and Great Grandmothers’ Winter collections of recipes. A dish of extreme comfort and warmth, there is something about it that connects me with my great line of ancestors.

You can also tart these rice puddings up a lot, by adding different toppings – fresh, poached or glazed fruits, walnuts, syrups etc.

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Rizogalo | Greek Rice Pudding

A Greek Rice Pudding, for when Autumn arrives.

It is moving into Autumn. The other day a friend asked whether I was enjoying the cold weather. My answer? I must be. I am cooking rice pudding.

We have been making this for a long time. It was first cooked in my kitchen in 2003, by my Greek friend, Lia who was staying with me at that time. It was a great hit. This time, I added a vanilla bean and, at the last minute, a very small sprig of rosemary. These adjustments are optional but make a lovely difference.

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