Indian Essentials: Should Sambar be Sour, Salty or Hot? And Other Sambar Hints.

Advice for perfecting sambar

Meenakshi Ammal in her books Cook and See, talks about Sambar tastes, which she says are personal preference.

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How to Cook Vegetables for Sambar

Removing the confusion around cooking vegetables for Sambar

Once you are experienced at cooking sambar, it is quite easy. However, while mastering the skill it can be confusing. Here is some advice on making sambar, and particularly on cooking the vegetables for sambar.

The advice is based on my experience, the writings of S. Meenakshi Ammal who wrote the Cook and See series of books on traditional South Indian cooking, and that of my Indian friend Srivalli.

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Indian Essentials: How to Make Sambar Powder and Paste

Making spice powders at home is simple

Sambar is one of those beautiful unctuous creamy soupy dishes that are quintessentially South Indian. A sambar consists of mashed toor dal lentils cooked with fresh vegetables (optional), tamarind and spices. Eaten daily, the spice mixes used vary in content and flavour from house to house. Everyone claims to have the best recipe, and of course they are right. It is a very important dish to all South Indians, and vada sambar and idli sambar are popular breakfast foods.

Sambar powder can also be used in place of Rasam Powder when making Rasam.

Similar recipes include Sundakkai Podi, Rasam Powder, Malaysian Curry Powder and Sri Lankan Thuna Paha.

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