Quick Courgettes and Garlic

There is a quick thing you can do with zucchini and garlic – or leave the garlic out – that is an instant supper. Cook some rice to go with it,  if you like,or some pasta with butter and black pepper, and your hunger will be satisfied.

I always wonder – what is the proper name for these beauties – courgette or zucchini? Both names are slightly romantic – I try to stick to zucchini because it’s Australian, but sometimes courgette sounds better. Courgettes and Garlic, a quick and utterly delicious dish, perfect on its own and also perfect with pasta.

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Buttery Spinach Stems

The intensity of Spinach without the bite.

Did you know that Spinach stems are edible, in fact, wonderful? With all of the spinach flavour of the leaves but without the bite, they are a delight to eat.

My favourite way, which I share with you today, is Buttery Spinach Stems where they are quickly sautéed  before steaming a little and serving with their buttery sauce.

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Avarakkai Fry | Stir Fried Indian Broad Beans with Indian Spices

One of the easiest ways to cook vegetables to serve with any type of dal and rice is to stir fry them with spices.

One of the easiest ways to cook vegetables to serve with any type of dal and rice is to stir fry them with spices, adding a little water at the end so that the steam can complete the cooking if that is necessary. They taste fresh and so healthy as they are cooked quickly and retain colour and flavour.

Recently I was given some Avarakkai Beans, so rare to find fresh ones in Adelaide. They are called Indian Broad Beans and in a way they are the nano-est bit reminiscent of broad beans. The tiniest tiniest bit in flavour, but a little different in looks.

Wanting something to go with some Urad Tamatar Dal and a Rice and Mung cooked in Coconut and Coriander, I made this quick Avarakkai Fry.

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Salt and Pepper Makhana | Salt and Pepper Lotus Seeds

A wonderful snack made from Lotus Seeds

Puffed Lotus seeds, or Makhana, are an unusual ingredient that is used in India and SE Asia. Makhana Palak is a wonderful dish of lotus seeds in a spinach gravy. But it is also beautiful to simply saute the puffed seeds in butter and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

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