Recipe: Stuffed Tomatoes with Olives and Ricotta

Stuffed tomatoes in Autumn and Winter, even into Spring, are great! There are many versions. Here is one we have been making for decades.

Stuffed Tomatoes with class! I get overwhelmed with the breadcrumbs in traditional stuffed tomatoes. Let’s minimise them, and see what happens…

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Yemistes Domates | Greek Baked Tomatoes with Nutty Rice Filling

This recipe is from Greece, and my friend Lia introduced me to these. Nice one, Lia! 🙂

Feel free to browse recipes from our Retro Recipes series. You might also like our Stuffed Tomatoes recipes here . Or you might like to browse Tomato recipes. Check out our easy Autumn recipes.

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Three Coloured Stuffed Tofu

I was in the Asian supermarket the other day, looking at the various tofu types, and there was an Indian woman buying the fresh home made ones. I asked her about them – she says the textures were a bit better in her view, but that there was not much difference to the packaged ones. I asked here where she was from – I guessed Malaysia – but she was from Singapore. I asked if she was Hindu – but, no, she was Catholic. I asked her how she ate her tofu, and she told me that she grills them quickly – even on the BBQ, – and then stuffs them with shredded vegetables. Hence this most excellent dish was born. Fantastically simple. Fantastically wonderful. Be daring with the sauce – use any dipping sauce if you want some variety.

It is now a family favourite.

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Baked Peppers with Cherry Tomatoes

Capsicums stuffed with cherry tomatoes and a basil sauce.

Tender. What a great name for a book. And what a book it is. Nigel Slater speaks so engagingly and comfortingly about his garden near Highbury Barn in London. He cooks my style of food – homely, so so simple, yet packing incredible flavours. Despite being British in style he loves to use Indian spices and experiment with flavour combinations.

When I say “British in style” I don’t want to conjure up images of old-fashioned British food like chip butties and steak and kidney pie. I do imply, though, that the food is cold weather food – root vegetables, cabbage, oven cooked food. For even a hot day in the UK does not pass muster as a summer day in Australia. Nigel would argue that some of his food is for the hotter seasons, but his recipes are not, say, like Bill Granger’s, built with the 30C – 45C degree heat of good ol’e Aussie summers where it is hot enough to cook a falafel on the sidewalk and everyone who is sane heads for the beach.

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Pomodori con Riso | Tomatoes Stuffed with Rice

A wintery dish.

This recipe is really easy, and I love the textures. Served with a salad, or some roasted or baked vegetables, it is a delicious meal.

Stuffed vegetables went out with the Ark, but are coming back now. The rice is cooked in the juice and internal flesh of the tomatoes which adds a wonderful taste to the rice.

A Social Photographer once quipped “Life is too short to stuff tomatoes.” I am not sure what she was referring to, but I happen to like stuffed tomatoes.

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Pomodori Gratinati | Tomatoes Gratineed with Cheese

In Autumn, tomatoes are at their best, especially for cooking.

In Autumn tomatoes come into their own. Not only are the tomatoes a little juicer, a little sweeter away from that hot sun, but the weather is a little cooler and so cooking tomatoes becomes an option again – baked, grilled, fried, sauteed, sauced, pureed – you name the cooking method and tomatoes will have it covered.

Gratineed tomatoes are filled with cheese, herbs and breadcrumbs and oven baked for slightly retro but awesome lunches or as a side dish to a main meal. They can be cooked in covered BBQs as well.

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