Kohlrabi Subzi | A Punjabi Recipe

Not often used, Kohlrabi now features in an Indian dish

Kohlrabi is not something that I cook with often, so it was a bit of a luxury to get to make a simple Punjabi Subzi with this beautiful purple-skinned vegetable of winter.

Mustardy and warming from the spices, the dish is simple to cook and does not take a lot of effort. The result is a fabulous side dish for Indian or non-Indian meals.

Kohlrabi is a great vegetable to eat raw or cooked. Salads are great with grated or thinly sliced kohlrabi. You could use it in this Jicama and Green Mango Salad, for example, or in this Radish and Jicama Salad with Coconut Milk.

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Carrots and Green Peas with Green Coriander (Cilantro) | Gajar Matar Sabzi

I miss Priti, who lived in Adelaide for a short while. My friend was such a good cook and teacher. She shared wonderful recipes with me including this easy dish.  She needed to shift suddenly, and we lost contact. Miss you Priti. Hope all is well with you.

Priti introduced me to many of the dimensions of Indian cooking, and particularly the use of Coriander leaves. This dish is cooked with chopped green coriander for 30 mins or so. While this may seem unusual outside of India (coriander is normally used fresh, as a garnish), it is akin to using a coriander paste. The resulting flavours are great. Feel free to garnish with some fresh coriander if desired.

She had other Coriander recipes too, like this Coriander Chutney. You might also enjoy making Pudla with Coriander or Coriander Paste.

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Sweet Potato Sabzi | Sweet Potato Poriyal

Sweet potatoes are a gorgeous Autumn vegetable that cries out to be part of your Autumn eating. Roasted, steamed, grilled or mashed, it is delicious change of season fare.

This dish is good to make from scratch, and also a perfect solution to the problem of left over roasted or steamed/boiled sweet potato. It briefly stirfries cooked sweet potato with spices.

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Potato Subzi | Dry Potato Curry

Who can go on a carb-free diet when dishes like this exist?

When Yamuna Devi studied Vedic Cooking, she studied with Srila Prabhupada for 3 months. She tells that in the study of vegetables, they spent  weeks on potatoes, exploring basic methods of cooking, learning how to control the taste and appearance of a dish without diminishing its nutritive value.

When I was in India recently I heard one visitor bemoaning the fact that there seemed to be so few vegetables in Indian food. Of course that is not true, but if you eat in restaurants only, it may appear that way. There is a wealth of vegetables – many more than we are used to here – including countless varieties of greens and innumerous salad style dishes. India produces one of the largest assortments of vegetables, fruits and legumes in the world. You only have to visit any market to see how this is true.

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Aloo Baingan Wadi Ki Subzi | Potato and Eggplant Curry with Punjabi Wadi

An excellent curry from the Punjab region.

There are many types of wadi/vadai from all over India — this dish takes large Punjabi ones made of sundried lentils and spices (urad dal, mung dal, black pepper, cumin, chillies etc.)

The wadis add flavour, but they also add a wonderful texture to dishes, and being so dry they soak up the wettest of gravies making the dish perfectly composed with a thickness that is delectable. You can get them at your Indian Grocer, but you might like to call first and ask if they stock them. Ask for the large Punjabi Wadi. Or you can make your own!

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Indian Style Slightly Sweet and Sour Pumpkin | Kaddu ki Sabzi | Pumpkin Subzi

A great use for left over pumpkin. Or cook from scratch.

The challenge of every xmas – and Thanksgiving, for that matter – is how to use the left over roasted pumpkin. I have found the solution.

Inspired by The Back Yard Lemon Tree, I took the Delhi Style Sweet and Sour Pumpkin and mixed it up a little to use up several different xmas leftovers. It was delicious. Do read the original recipe – it is from Madhur Jaffrey.

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Simple Aloo Palak Subzi | Potatoes and Spinach | A Dry Curry

Spinach and Potatoes, a warming and nourishing combo – a very healthy, homely and delicious dry vegetable dish

There are two ways of making aloo palak one is dry aloo palak subzi and the other is potato in a wet, smooth spinach gravy. Today’s recipe is the dry version – Fried potatoes are mixed with spinach and spices. It is a popular North Indian dish.

This is a surprise dish, one where a simple spinach base with so few ingredients makes a tasty dish. That speaks to very good matching of ingredients and the matching of spices to the vegetable.

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Sweet Potato, Eggplant and Spinach Madras Curry

A great dish from Ol’ Madras, in South India.

I have a good friend, Narasimhan, who used to live in Adelaide. He is from Tamil Nadu but resides in Bangalore. When he was in Australia, he would regularly arrive at my place, bearing this curry and a bunch of roses, asking only that I cook some rice and maybe (under his guidance) some payasam. This curry is so easy and so good, or maybe it is the smell of the roses that biases my tastebuds.

Narasimhan, I miss you. Thank you for this recipe, and the tons of roses.

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