The Life Changing Loaf of “Bread”

My daughter put me on to this loaf many years ago – it’s a nutritionist’s dream as it is packed with all things good. Fibre plus, nuts, seeds, chia, turmeric, and raw honey (or use sweetner of choice).

There are a few variations on the bread, but the one I make is based on My New Root’s recipe. I have made a couple of alterations over the years and have reproduced it below.

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Parmesan Toasts

I don’t recall where this recipe originally came from, but a similar version has since been made very popular by Bill Grainger. Perhaps it was from him. These were a particular favourite in London when I would visit my daughter when she lived there. We would make them often. They are heavenly! Eat with soup, or as a snack, or any time.

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Breakfast Suggestions

Breakfast can be such an exciting meal!

A long time ago, from 1995 – 2006, our first blog led the way in Australia for food blogging. There wasn’t the technology available then and we hand coded each post. There weren’t any photographs, and recipes were inserted into long html files, one by one. Each month, I would make suggestions for breakfast dishes  to inspire people to branch out from cereal, eggs and toast. These days I am vegetarian, so I cannot bring you all of them, but here are a few suggestions that have stood the test of time.

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