Chilli Beans

Years ago I used to make a chilli dish – the recipe comes from a dear friend who lives in the Grampians. It was a chilli that is often called “Mexican” although it is not, and includes coffee, chocolate and red wine. I gave up making it when I adopted a vegetarian diet. It was only recently that another friend reminded me that chilli without meat is possible – and also delicious.

Elwyn’s Chilli Beans was such a no-fuss recipe – a few essential ingredients cooked at the barely simmering heat level for hours until all was infused with chocolate, coffee, wine and chilli.

The success of a Bean Chilli, with our without meat, is the deep, dark richness of the sauce. I took Elwyn’s recipe and added favourite spices to deepen the flavours, a variety of vegetables to enrich the dish, and some walnuts – I made enough to feed our street! Luckily it freezes very well. It is quite a “meaty” dish with the walnuts adding a great texture.

Because this dish requires long and slow cooking, it can also be cooked at a low-moderate temperature in the oven.

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Turtle Bean Soup | Black Bean Soup

Ready when you walk in the door of an evening.

My friend calls this Goth Soup. It is a dark dark soup that provides such great joie de vivre on a cold night.

ThisĀ  recipe for Turtle Beans (also called Black Beans) can be slow cooked either in the Rice Cooker on the slow-cook setting, in a dedicated slow cooker, or on the stove. Turtle Beans have a dense, earthy texture and flavour, slightly salty and reminiscent of mushrooms. It can be served as a thick soup, or served like a lentil stew over rice.

The recipe is the slow cooked version, but it can be adapted for the stove top. I have also made this soup with whole masoor – whole red lentils – with great success. I would guess that means it would also work with Beluga Beans Horse Gram, and du Puy Lentils.

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