Fruit and Herb Flavoured Vinegars | and Orange Vinegar

Spring is a great time for making some flavoured vinegars for Summer Salads and vegetables. It also makes great presents for Xmas! The flavoured vinegars are easy to make and can be left to infuse the flavours for as little as 2 weeks.

We show you a general method, and then several specific flavoured vinegars. If you are growing your own fruits and herbs, this is an excellent way to use your crops. Don’t forget to sterilise all of your equipment and utensils.

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100 Vegetables: #81. Quinces – Make Quince Syrup, Molasses, Vinegar, Quince Honey, Paste and Leather (and more…)

Ah, the scent of quinces when you take them out of the bag! Quinces typify Mid to Late Autumn and Early Winter. They are sometimes around also in Early Spring too, but these have been kept over Winter.  They are good keepers!

For years we slow poached quinces with spices in the oven, and froze batches to last us through the winter. We made Quince Jam/Jelly, and just occasionally Quince Paste. But we now have a great friend with quince trees, so each year there is an abundant supply. We have taken to regularly making Quince Paste, Syrup, Vinegar, Molasses and Honey. Here are our recipes for you.

The quince was sacred to Venus and Aphrodite as it was once a symbol of love, happiness and fertility in Greek and Roman times. From a tree with pale pink blossoms, the fruit is so aromatic. When cooked, it has the most interesting and wonderful flavour and a slightly grainy texture. The pectin in the fruit means that it makes the best jelly.

When raw, the quinces are bright green, but they mellow to yellow as they ripen (and that wonderful scent develops). They are tough fruit with a hard skin, but they damage easily. They will keep for months if carefully handled, but Quince Jelly is best made with fresh fruit.

The fruit is often covered with a fine down. Rinse this off before peeling or cutting quinces. Be careful as you cut as the flesh is quite hard. It will also brown quickly so drop the cut fruit into acidulated water.  As the fruit cooks, it turns firstly a delicious pink-red, and with longer, slow cooking it turns a deep ruby red.

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Pomegranate Vinegar

The cheery colour of Pomegranate Vinegar brightens any Winter Salad Dressing

When pomegranates are plentiful in late autumn and early winter, I love to make pomegranate honey for the winter, pomegranate molasses and pomegranate vinegar. The vinegar is great in salad dressings or over roasted vegetables, and the colour is cheery in the midst of winter.

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Sticky Balsamic Sweet Potatoes with Orange Bitters

Some of Ottolenghi’s dishes are no-brainers. Just tossing some herbs and easy ingredients with some roasted vegetable or carefully steamed grain. In these it is the combination of the ingredients that make exceptional dishes. But others take time, effort and care. While I prefer the first, the arrival of flavours in the various processes of the second can be a matter of awe.

This dish is definitely of the second variety. It is a great dish. The glaze of a reduced, sticky balsamic with orange juice and bitters caramelises as it roasts. The sweet potatoes are left sticky and delicious. Add to the equation the roasted garlic and the sage and thyme leaves and this is a dish to impress.

This is a great dish for Thanksgiving, if you celebrate that US festival. Other Thanksgiving recipes are here.

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